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Sunday Song and Cooking! 9/17/23

Vacuum pressure rolling chamber to marinate pot roast and smoking our 23 pound brisket!

9 thoughts on “Sunday Song and Cooking! 9/17/23

  1. hi Steve I wonder oh came the closet to wining the contest ? since today is now Sunday the 17 or do we just redo the contest has no one even came close to to the right state or day I think I pick Ohio on Sep 17th but I bet no one pick IL and home time for this day so if that the case oh wins ? or do we just redo it or come up with a new contest or plan ?

    1. What in the world are you talking about? We haven’t reached 2 million yet. Only the contest entries have ended.

      1. never mind Steve lol

  2. Dang Big Rig Steve! I think I want to travel with you these next 4-6 weeks! Your gonna be eatin’ some good food!
    My mouth is watering looking at all those goodies! That brisket looks sooooo good!
    Enjoy your time off!

  3. Steve congrats on this blog11 Music is food for our spiritual being food is for our physical being!! With both we are fell fed!! Now cant wait till next==Mash-IT !! Keep on resting on time off!!

  4. Hope you’re enjoying the time off. Please update your career miles soon 😃😃

  5. hi steve and road crew I will see you guys on Friday to and I will talk to you guys on Friday to sounds good for both of us to 🙂 👍

  6. Your cooking video is perfect food porn.

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