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Sunday Song 7/31/22

Last day of July, as we roll ever closer to Autumn and then winter! Here’s this week’s Sunday Song

14 thoughts on “Sunday Song 7/31/22

  1. Autumn? Winter?! Just don’t mention that 4-letter word yet please SNOW πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
    I saw Halloween and autumn decorations in the stores already.

  2. Praise Him. Amen.
    Beautiful scenery and powerful Sunday song.
    Thanks Steve. Have a Blessed week.

  3. Steve. I am near you by Rohr Rd and Loves. We are driving thru Columbus on way back to Cincinnati. Can I meet you?

    1. Ya found me πŸ™‚

  4. hi steve

    not to complain but me and some of the road crew on chat today have noted that there is a Smudge spot either on the windshield or on the samsung S10 cam leans it self might have to look at the snow man cam to see it but the sumdge spot is right in the middle of the screen

  5. Steve, try to get a longer trip after this one. Maybe a delivery in Dodge City would be nice.

    1. Want Steve to have a trip to Dodge?? Oh my but haven’t you heard all the terrible things one has to endure too just get out of Dodge!!! Old westerns are fun of problems one has just ti==Get Out Of Dodge!!!

      1. Lol @ Jim-Janet

  6. I see the load to Tennessee is gone and you have a shorter one to Indiana. Not so great with mileage pay.

    1. But if you were watching and heard me, you would know that I get mileage pay plus layover pay for the trip that was canceled, and for the shorter trip, I get regular mileage pay in addition to a big bonus that makes the shorter trip much more profitable for us than the longer trips.

      1. I missed that as I am quite busy. That said I am glad you are being taken care of better than I was back in the day when I drove semi pulling a trailer full of freight as a company driver.

  7. I have a suggestion for an improvement to the app.

    1. Ok…

      1. Apparently David C needs more time to review his suggestion before presenting it to you Steve, to contemplate if indeed the app is doable!!

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