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Sunday Song 7/24/22

5 thoughts on “Sunday Song 7/24/22

  1. AMEN.
    Praise Him and be Thankful Thank you Steve.
    See ya soon. Have a Blessed Day.

  2. Hi Steve. Good Sunday morning. Yesterday after you got the tire fixed your video system made an amazing special effect on the video. When you made a rest stop and came back to the truck from the horrible restroom your video left a still image of you in front of the right headlight and then a semi-transparent image of you in front of the left headlight, then when you opened the door to get in the truck they reassenbled ahd you got in the truck and grumbled about the horrible restroom. It looked like your soul seperated from your body and went back together when you got back in the truck. Drive carefully today. We don’t want to see that really happen.

  3. Had to read the words to the song. My computer sound is doing something goofy today.

  4. Great song

  5. awesome song

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