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Sunday Song 5/28/23

Morning Gang! Hope you are having a great Memorial Day Weekend. We are still a “GO” for first real test of Starlink on tomorrow’s trip.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Song 5/28/23

  1. Woo hoo looking forward to the first Starlink trip … and it’s to Pennsylvania no less : )

  2. Looks like another trip on the PA Turnpike….at least as far as Carlisle.

    1. Not this time around, at least that’s what the Trip Map says.

  3. good night Steve and road crew 😴 I will see you guys tomorrow morning to and I will talk to you guys tomorrow morning to sounds good for tomorrow morning to

  4. Steve thanks for song selection!! Is soo very good to take a few mo0ments and let message of song sink in!! Tells me all i need to know of you Steve!!

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