19 thoughts on “Sunday song 09.06.20

    1. Hi if you check out the broadcast video this morning. Steve said he won’t do any more tell tomorrow

      All ways check Steve’s video of the drive today then that way you no what’s happening and what to expect. Then you you not need to ask on here if where going to be broadcasting or not

  1. Beautiful video…powerful words speaking truth…Amazing Grace…thank you Steve for always sharing His love in how you live & give to others to see Him.

  2. Great Sunday video, as usual. I noticed the place you parked last night was close to a Whataburger, so hopefully you got a Whataburger stop in sometime during this run across Texas. :yum: Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. Riley please go too today video from this morning drive that is where Steve Explains his plans on what he is going to do

      No more Broadcasting tell tomorrow

  3. A ride to my hometown, Dallas, TX. I lived in Plano for over thirty years and after that long Texas gets to be part of your blood. I sure do miss it. Thanks for the ride.

  4. I think Steve’s Mom and Dad live in Texas. To bad he couldn’t have set up a meeting with them so they could have gone out to dinner. I’m not positive what part they are from..

    1. 1987—2017 for me…Off Alma@Hedgecoxe for a short few years…Then Coit @ Russell Creek area. We watch Plano go from prairie to mega metro. After retirement it just got to busy and expensive.

  5. Hey Steve have a blessed Labor Day even if you will be driving!! I just want to make a statement that you are the best example of what Labor Day observance is all about!! You certainly are worthy of being a model of what this day is about!! Credit to all of those that were the best examples of honest days work giving their all to earn their daily Bread God Bless!@!

  6. Happy birthday Peggy (if you’re tuned in or read this )! I just remember as it’s the same as my birthday September 8 😎

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