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Sunday News 11/7/21

Good morning Nebraska! After a few days of having to drag our feet because of very few driving hours and hitting our 70 hour clock, we finally gained enough hours for a full day today!

We have been bringing our photography back online to the website. Need a free wallpaper for your device or PC? Check out our free downloadable images – and more to be added now and then. We will be adding more State galleries when possible.

Road Crew Meetups- Have we met since June? Make sure you let me know your name so I can put it with your picture. All roadcrew photos have been added except the last Houston meeting. I will get that added as soon as I can.

3 thoughts on “Sunday News 11/7/21

  1. Just wanted to comment especially to express songs you offer each subway!!! Thanks for your site to offer comfort from songs !! Especially relevant in these oh sooo hectic times!! Wishib=ng Gods blessing on Steve and all of BRT crew!!!

    1. Sorry for mistake!! Steve is very skilled driver but even he cant drive truck on subway lol Sunday was intended statement for my thanks for songs !! sooo ==Mash-IT !!!

  2. Steve:
    I cried and cried when I heard Rock of Ages because of Kermit’s loss I feel so lost and alone. But the song comforted me knowing there is a better day coming if I only cling to the “Rock”. God Bless you and all those who hear these beautiful Sunday songs.

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