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Sunday in Nebraska

UPDATE… apparently, this post never even got published this morning, evn though it was supposed to be. Oh well, now ya can read it. BTW, today’s numbers are: 349 miles driven today, 46 hours left on the 70 hour clock. We deliver Monday morning.

Good Sunday morning. Today we are just kinda dragging our feet through Nebraska and then dropping down into Colorado since we can’t even deliver until Monday morning. Enjoy the broadcasting while you can since it is very spotty signal area once we take Interstate 76 just past Big Spring.

6 thoughts on “Sunday in Nebraska

  1. Hi Steve

    Where are we parked? Are we at a truck stop? If so you think you can open snow mans eyes?

  2. Quick trip, Steve, even though you were just dragging through NE. I hope all is well in CO.

  3. Hoping the shutdown of several big pork, beef and poultry plants isn’t contributing to your wait for a new trip. Lots of ominous reports out there about that part of the food chain being in danger. Keep doing what you do and hope for the best!

  4. skip trips to n and s dakota, neb, iowa

    1. Why would I do that? Those states are in the largest freight zone in the country!

      1. to save your life for now,

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