3 thoughts on “Sunday evening video

  1. Good morning Steve.Your statement of–Back In The Saddle reminds me of when young boy many many many years ago on the radio –Im back in the saddle again was Gene Autry theme song for his weekly radio program.Gene Autry went on to do many things–one of them being owner of Los Angles baseball team of which my high school teammate Dean Chance pitched for the Angles .As always have safe and timely delivery and —Mash It

  2. Thanks for the Trip Journal update 🙂
    Guess it was the fish scraps that brought the bad luck (with the fuel)!
    Never know what you’ll be toting around in that trailer!

  3. Hi Steve! Thanks for uploading this beautiful song! I’m so happy that things are finally working out — and that you didn’t lose all your frozen meats. Also – so very glad you’re able to chat in the chatroom again. Safe travels — and I’ll be with you as much as possible. Love the trips!

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