Sunday and March

Welcome to Avoca, Iowa. We started off this morning in Sinclair, Wyoming and got up early to get ahead of the big winter storm that was supposed to hit Wyoming with heavy snow and high winds making for a terrible blizzard. We managed to stay just ahead of it and got out from under the cloud cover pretty much at the Wyoming and Nebraska state line, which is also where our truck turned over 100,000 miles on it!

Our goal the last few days has been 600+ miles per day in order to make this trip happen on time. Yesterday we managed to fit in 654.2 iles and today we ran harder and got a total of 677.8 under our belt. We are doing fantastic, but we are not out of the woods just yet. Monday morning we will look for that magic number of 600 or more miles and keep rolling hard. We still have alot of mountains and hills in Pennsylvania to handle as well. Thanks for inviting me in your home this weekend and we will keep on keeping on tomorrow as well!

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  1. Funny, every time I see Avoca I think of the truck stop down the road from me where I’ve tried to meet up with ya a couple times now! (Scranton Petro) Before I started following BRT I had no idea there was an Avoca, Iowa. The things we learn here 🙂

  2. Your intuition and experience really paid dividends Sunday, Steve. By pushing hard to stay ahead of the predicted storm, you were able to avoid the very serious pileup near Rawlins. The video shows many big rigs destroyed! We are thankful you were not involved. We wish you continued safe travels.

  3. Great day to ride with you throughout this Sunday, me little French truck driver I dream of sitting next to you to make deliveries with more than 2700 miles . thank you for making us share this

  4. Just a thought for the store. 1. Aunt Jemima frog to put on our dashboards 2 a travel mug that fits in a car cup holder. I’m in. Thanks for listening Steve

  5. Good Morning/Afternoon Steve, Just wanted to ask you if I may, I know that you were just through my neck of the woods again, the Reno area, but dont remember if you actually stopped there or not, but if you did, Missed you again, so here’s hoping that whenever this may be, if/when you may make it back here again, I may be able to possibly <eet you for the very 1st time even though I have been one of your BIGGEST fans of you and your site for YEARS….question I have if I may please, if you do come back here and posibly stop at one of the truck stops here, wjat would be the easiest way to spot either you or your truck, cause would you believe I really still dont even know what the truck actually looks like from the outside so that would be the hard part, spotting your truck there. Please let me know when you can, Thank you so very much Steve, and please be careful out there….

  6. Hi Steve

    If we have 46 miles to go Delivery. How can we be 99% done with the trip ? Shouldn’t it be like 97% done. Not 99% done. Some in seem too be off on the percent

    I could be wrong but from where we are at the truck stop too where we need to go still the 99% done with the trip this dos not feel Correct on the website

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