Sun Tea

Ya know, nobody has any idea how good I feel today! Each day I get more strength back and can move around farther and longer. At first, bending down (crouching) then trying to stand up on my own leg power felt like I was lifting 80 tons!! My shower/nekkid weight now stands at 127.5!! The differences that I can tell and feel. I actually see my arms and face filling back out and my ribs are disappearing!

So, I have been publishing the older videos about every half hour or hour. This way you can get a constant supply. We need to clean up as much as we can before the next generation (2015) of recorded videos comes out. Remember the vacation trip we took to Moab, Utah? And I made a few videos at Arches Nation Park and the area? Those are what I have been working on, I thought I had them all opened, but here is one to get you started.

Guess what? I am making sun tea from my window! I tried it yesterday, worked great! Now, this place has two gas grills on a private patio. I have had a big hankering to make some real fajitas! I am sure I can buy some brisket, veggies, etc and big tortillas and make it happen. Any favorite ways to cook? Times on meat? Temps? Sauces to cook in? Never done it before, so I am open to ideas….

Man, o man! I feel like a million bucks and when I do go back trucking, it will be healthier, stronger, smarter, and ready to tackle the world like never before!! AMEN!!! Just awhile longer, hang in there Road Crew!!