Good Thursday morning from the Pacific Northwest. We are doing a local run this morning. We arrived at the delivery more than an hour early. I walked up to the check in office and I walked right up to the window! Usually there would be 30 drivers in line! Then the office told me they had a door ready and to roll on in. So we reach the lumper service and they took me right away and there is no fee for this load. Wow. Grocery warehouses are usually the most complicated and sloooow places, and yet we are locked in a door more than an hour early. Will the good luck stay with us and we get out of here in a timely manner? Or will it fall to pieces and they take 82 hours to unload anyway? Stay tuned! As soon as we get done here we will start Broadcasting the next trip.

9 thoughts on “Strange!

    1. Gonna use reverse psychology:

      Basically everything will go wrong on this next few trips. Here is what goes wrong. Chatty Cathy ends up leading Steve to take I-94 instead of I-80. He ends up in St. Joes, Minnesota. From there, he gets a trip that would have taken him to his time off, but the front axle breaks on his truck. This leads to the truck being in the shop for 4 days meaning that Steve ends up taking his time off in the Wisconsin boonies. After that Steve gets a trip to Hell… Michigan where the delivery people hold him over for 10 days so they can use his truck for a card tournament. After that trip, Steve is forced to take time off for the many violations acquired while in Hell.

      Seriously, I think what will happen is that Steve will have to give up this load due to expected flooding in the area.

  1. Glad you finally had some things go right. This next trip looks like a real winner; I’m looking forward to it. I’m guessing it also gets you fairly close to your next time off? Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. Now THIS would’ve been the time that everything unloading & loading would go wrong and keep him stationary for 32 hours to reset his 70 hr clock. As for the scenario mentioned about reverse psychology….change Hell MI to Grand Rapids and I will meet you there Steve. I’m only about 40 mins from there. We could make something in the insta-pot and treat you to a home cooked meal that YOU didn’t have to cook. Let me know if that ever lines up with a run and we (hubby & I) will make it happen. God speed & safe travels.

    1. The reason why I used “Hell” in the first place is because it was the only thing that worked. Strangely, it is possible to make a delivery in Hell as it is close to Ann Arbor.

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