Stone Age

Morning!  Well I had a longer than planned visit with family in San Antonio this weekend but it all worked out for the best. Today was the soonest trip available.  

So, I get back to the truck and find out my truck qualcomm computer – the thing that messages dispatch,  provides truck navigation,  and runs all my electronic logging for legal driving hours….is dead. I tried several different ways to force it to reboot, but everything failed.  Now, I feel like we have been pushed back to the Stone Age. All communication with dispatch has to be done with phone calls, getting to customers is done using old fashioned maps, and I have to keep track of my driving hours on paper!  I sure was spoiled having all my information at my fingertips,  but now I feel like I’m trucking back in the 80s. At least I can use my tablet to do my logs and print them out and provide general navigation. At some point we will have to get the truck to a terminal to get our truck computer replaced. 

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