Stomach knots!

Oh my goodness! We have arrived at our shipper in downtown Buffalo, New York! These streets are not made for a 72 foot long truck! Then you add high piles of snow that take away half the edges! I am glad it is Saturday because the traffic seems to be light and I can swing around and take up the whole intersection and still run my trailer tires in the snow piles! Places like this is what I really dread! No way no way would I let a new driver navigate around these streets!! No way, no how! OK, so we make it to the shipper and drive through the open spot in the fence but they made an opening only wide enough for one car in and out at a time! We made it in just don’t ask me how lol. Backing into the dock was another adventure. All ice and the parking lot is on a slight hill. Then there was a car parked exactly where I needed the space, and even though we didn’t get close to it, we started sliding towards it!!
While they load us, I am going to try and untangle the knots in my stomach since we have to get back out of here somehow!