Standby for now

Afternoon. Hope you enjoyed the ride through downtown Portland this morning. Lots of fog and autumn colors in our sights during the ride up from Rice Hill, Oregon to Olympia, Washington.

We are parked at the closest truckstop to our delivery where we will take a break until we can head on to make delivery at 11pm tonight. They won’t take us early, and there is no on site parking….so we have to sit as close as we can until the time comes to roll right in. I really don’t like overnight deliveries but it is part of the job. Our next trip will load us as soon as we can legally get there.

Cool, damp, dreary day today…..good time for a nap or two!

9 thoughts on “Standby for now

  1. Yes, it was a great ride this morning up I-5 with the gorgeous fall colors. The phrase “they’ll load us as soon as we can legally get there” has to be music to a trucker’s ears, assuming they follow through on that promise. Enjoy your nap! Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. Exceptional ride yesterday – got to capture many snowman pics near Mt Shasta. Neat you have a shipper’s rating tool. Is this an app by chance?
    Nice to kinda know what you’re going in to. Of course it’s not like you have a choice most of the time.

    1. Actually, type in an address in Google maps. Click on any business. Read reviews. It is generally used for general public stores restaurants etc… But Truckers also use it to rate them as well. You can learn alot from others who have been there previously

  3. Enjoy the run back to Rochelle. You’ll be covering alot of nice peak fall color.. Until you get to SD.. It’s fall color is whatever the grass is.. lol.

  4. hi steve how many miles did we do today ? and where you able too find a truck stop whats the name of the truck stop did you park at for the night ?

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