Stand by for news….

…this trip has been interrupted by a tow truck! We had just filled all of our tanks with fuel from the Love’s truckstop in Sioux Falls, South Dakota then hit the Interstate towards delivery when the engine started knocking and we lost power. A few sample restarts and the engine went into high revving mode and we shut it down quickly! Tow truck has arrived and our new truck is in the operating room at the moment. At this time we are still in control of the load and I will update you on truck information as soon as I hear anything. The drama continues from the open road!

17 thoughts on “Stand by for news….

  1. Well … at least you seem to be feeling better 🙂
    Just getting over something like what you have now but unfortunately my poor wife was victim as well 🙁
    Wonder how many other, if any, trucks were possibly affected by the Love’s fuel?
    So many possibilities now with DEF tanks, an abundance of sensors and computer controlled um … everything!
    Hoping it’s a quick fix and you can continue on your way soon!

  2. Sounds like fun….NOT! Hopefully it’s something relatively easy like a sensor or something…

  3. Steve, what happens to the trailer when something like this happens and you have to get towed? Does the tow truck tow your truck with trailer still attached? Also, you mentioned topping everything off at the Love’s. Is the trailer’s refrigeration unit alright?

    1. The reefer seems to be running fine. The loaded trailer sits in the dealership yard until another driver comes to pick it up or the truck gets fixed, whichever happens first

  4. Sympathy to ya. To my untrained ear it sounded like a thrown rod. The Dakotas don’t seem to be very lucky for you. Didn’t you blow an enormous tire once and get an inspection once in the Dakotas? Still this time you were a whole lot closer to help, in good daylight etc. Positive vibes yer way.


  5. Hey, Steve! Sometimes life hands you a bowl of ice cream and marachino cherries; sometimes, a potato sack full of dandelion seed pods. Oh well! That’s life. Just get the truck fixed, then, back on the road to delivery, I hope. Take care of yourself. That’s what matters most. The Lord be with you, in all, that you do.

  6. There must be something about Sioux Falls, SD. If I remember right, the last time you went this way (late last year?) you had a tire blow up and the shrapnel hit some passing cars; now this! Maybe detour via US 281 and SD 50 through Yankton next time. 😉 Hang in there. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  7. Fuel tanks (hundreds of gallons) will be drained change the fuel filters clean the fuel injectors we been there done that as Chevy suburban because we have to drop the tank and get drained it a Mess my Honda dont have to drop tank it have fuel pump access in trunk thanks god for me

  8. Is South Dakota jinxed? Had the air conditioner stop working in 90+ weather just east of Wall Drug on a Friday afternoon en-route to Calgary via Yellowstone. Well looked after by the kind people of Rapid City who worked over-time to get us on our way to Keystone for the night. A bad experience overcome by human kindness to strangers.

  9. Oh my, Steve! This trip has been a doozy, as my mom used to say! Prayers that everything works out well and you’re back on the road with no more problems healthwise and truckwise!

  10. No doubt it’s a clogged DEF meter valve. The truck was fine until you fueled up in Sioux Falls. Easy fix if you’re mechanically inclined. Steve, did they every replace the cam housing seal. It’s a common problem on that engine. If they did, they may have not torqued those bolts correctly. If you can, get a “Bully Dog GT scanner”. I use it on my diesel pickup truck and it’s saved me more than once. Diesels can be a pain sometimes. Good luck…

  11. Hey Steve once again a hiccup speed bump glitch unexpected problem once again. I remember the gasoline commercial years ago—Put A Tiger In Your Tank.this was done by a name brand i dont remember.So im wondering–maybe that tiger did something in your tanks to contaminate your truck??? am silly but hope can just get my love of your BRT from this stupid comment Mash It but no tiger in tank!!!

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