Square 1 Update….

Morning.  Back to square one. The trip we had lined up for today was taken away because I started a big fight. Basically,  I accepted the trip and a few hours after acceptance they changed the delivery times on me. Doing that,  it would then require me to get not one but two HOS violations.  I will not stand for getting violations if I can help it. No matter the reason for it, the violation rests on the driver and he has to suffer the fines and points on his license.  In the event of an accident,  regardless of who is at fault for the crash, if the trucker is found to be in violation of Federal DOT driving laws, the trucker then is found 100% at fault and is responsible.  I am not willing to accept that as a course of business, especially if I know full well ahead of time a violation would occur. 

Waiting on a new, legal,  trip we can do…..

Just got our next trip posted and guess what? We can legally do it! Let’s get ready to roll to the shipper to load up tomorrow morning! 

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