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Something to watch

Howdy! I finally am officially on time off. Below you will find the Premiere schedule for the next few days. I figure it will keep ya’ll busy and you will get to watch the areas of no signal without buffering! All times are Chicago/Central timezone. Don’t forget to check out the BRT Auction and get your bid in!

Starts 2/17/21 1230pm – BigRigTravels Premiere US 95 South covering the entire Southeast Oregon Feb. 7, 2021

Starts 2/17/21 300pm – BigRigTravels Premiere US 95 south in Nevada from north of Schurz to Hawthorne-Feb. 7, 2021

Starts 2/18/21 1000am -BigRigTravels Premiere Hawthorne, Nevada to Bishop, California US 95, NV 360, US 6-Feb. 8, 2021

Starts 2/18/21 200pm – BigRigTravels Premiere Interstate 15 Northbound through Virgin River Gorge in Arizona 2/10/21

Starts 2/19/21 1100am – BigRigTravels Premiere I-70 East from Salina to Green River, Utah through San Rafael Swell 2/10/21

Starts 2/19/21 300pm – BigRigTravels Premiere I-70 East over the Rocky Mountains in Colorado-Feb. 11, 2021

19 thoughts on “Something to watch

  1. Even when you are officially “off duty” you’re still “working”! Thanks for the schedule and like you said something to look forward to, as well as the auction. Other than doing my taxes and shoveling more snow, this will provide a nice escape 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking the time to entertain us with these premiers. I love watching BRT while I’m at my desk at work. Enjoy your time off, it’s getting warmer here in central Illinois.

  3. Thanks for the schedule.

  4. Are you liking Hawaii?

    1. He not in Hawaii lol. That is this where the truck goes on the map when we don’t have a trip but I sure Steve would not mind a vacation there if we did not have Covid 19 to deal with

  5. How are your parents doing in Texas with all the unusually cold weather and power outages hitting that state?

    1. I was wanting to no the same thing my self I hop there doing ok down there

  6. With thing such a mess down in TX. I think after time off they might give Steve a trip or two down too TX too delivered food and water supplies

  7. Thank you for allowing us to ride along with you on your trips all across the country. I don’t get to travel anymore due to health concerns and watching the video you take me to places that I have been to and see how much they have changed and places that I have never been to and never get to see.

  8. Howdy Steve!
    pe you got your “snacks” package.
    We finally got our power restored last night and now water is on but only a trickle so far.
    Still going to freeze tonight and tomorrow and then, get this we warm up to 75 by next Saturday.
    So glad this is almost over. I don’t know how the rest of our country make it through these winter storms.
    Stay well and thank you for all that you do!

    1. Howdy! It came today! Many thanks for the care package

      1. hi Steve have you gotten a ch to go too the Verizon store yet and get a new smart phone for snow man cam if so what new smart phone did you ended up going with for the snow man cam ?

        1. Nope

  9. Thank you, Steve, for recording & uploading these videos for us is very thoughtful of you!

  10. Thanks Steve for taking the time and effort to schedule these premieres so that the Roadcrew can watch and chat during your time off.

  11. I really appreciate your providing video of the Virgin River Gorge. Of all your travels, it is by far my favorite! What I like most is the fact that when I drive through the Gorge, I must pay attention to the road, but by providing this video, I can take the time to look at the details of the journey. Those mountainsides are breathtaking! Thanks again!

  12. Hey there Steve!! Sure am ready for==Mash-It to be your flag waved to get started on your BRT race!! But am wondering about that amateurish inter-state sign display on 24/7 camera?? looks like a child painted that lol lol Okay no big deal just want to give you my love Steve!! MASh- IT !!!

    1. That actually is the inside of a pottery bowl that one of our longtime viewers (native Indian with brain damage) made especially for us by hand. Simply a test image to make sure everything with new phone battery works properly

      1. Well now thats so wonderful!! Am felling embarrassed now as that is wonderful where this was drawn from So thanks and ==yes is inspiring !!! Love from fellow BRT crew!!

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