Soggy fields of Washington

Morning from the top of the hills in Prosser, Washington! After a crazy day yesterday, we are now sitting at the shipper waiting for them to open up so we can get loaded and start the trip to Alabama. Because we are going to be hitting our 70 hour clock every day, we may end up giving this load to another driver somewhere along the way. I’d like to make it all the way of course, but tight schedules and low driving hours dictate what actually happens. It sure was a beautiful drive through this whole area of Oregon and Washington yesterday and even though we had no signal once we left Biggs Junction right on the Columbia River, we did record all the way to Toppenish and will have those videos uploaded soon. Btw, I did record a short video of a very long windmill blade turning through an intersection in Biggs Junction if interested…

13 thoughts on “Soggy fields of Washington

  1. I was hoping you’d record it. I saw this one, and an earlier one in the valley, on snowman. Awesome.

  2. Back in February the ride from Gaffney SC to Opelika made for a very good video. Hopefully you make the whole trip and get to see the folks in Opelika again, … darn clock 😐

  3. I wasn’t able to watch the video part, as YT is blocked here, but I did just happen to see the tail end of the blade come thru the intersection.
    It wasn’t until the truck came thru the intersection that I knew why you were so far back from the traffic light. Of course, after seeing the end
    of the blade it was like awwwww ok! How did you know you had to stay that far back, or perhaps you saw it coming?

  4. Back in the day before Pilot Loves I think I used to stop at a little truckstop in Mountain Home that carried something hard to find back then. Fried gizzards.
    But as you say different town every day things can get hazy. 90% sure on that one though.

  5. hi Steve this is up to you but I have a idea why not take Friday off from driving and then used the 5.5 hrs you get on Friday and add the 5.5hr for sat since you only get 5hrs for the two days you can add the 5.5hrs to sat and you have 10.5hrs to work with for sat and will would be able too put in a full day on sat then doing two hafe days over two days just some in too think about

  6. Hi steve you are saying delivery is going to be sunday. Sunday of memorial day weekend. Is the receiver going to be open sunday or monday? Take care.

  7. Good morning Steve, I know that I am going to sound dumb for asking this, but here it goes anyway, on the bigrigtravels main home page, I looked all over for it, but where is the bigrigtravels store located on the main home page,. and once again, I really do apologize for asking such a dumb question, LOL I looked all mover the main page but could not find it anywhere…Thanks Steve…..

    1. It is currently being rebuilt from the ground up. It will be back bigger and better by the end of the month with several new products.

      1. Oh, no wonder I cvouldnt locate it anywhere on the site,. now I dont feel AS dumb as I did last night…LOL so as of right now, its totally unavailable, but will be in the very new futire right? Thanks Steve Really do appreciate it, please be safe out there.

  8. After a few years of mumbling among ourselves about the enormity of those wind turbine blades and how we’d like to see one up close, we had the opportunity to stop my vehicle beside one which had been parked in a roadside stop. Wow.

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