Sit and wait

Afternoon Gang! We are about 25 miles from the shipper. The load isnt scheduled to be ready until very early Monday morning but I called and they will actually start loading it Sunday afternoon. At this point, all we can do is sit and wait and watch the fog roll in until the load is ready. Once I get confirmation, we will go pick it up, attach to the trailer, then roll towards the first of two deliveries which take place on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Sit and wait

  1. Sorry to hear it’s such a slow roll to your time off. It looks like there are some city parks with segwayable asphalt trails a couple of exits west of that Loves. You could probably find a place to park there considering the season and you don’t have a trailer. That option may not be inviting in this weather though. Safe travels, Lord bless, and enjoy your time off.

  2. Hi Steve looks like some thunderstorms are moving up on you from the south, at present time 4:15pm ct. Your in the northern most part of a Tornado Watch issued for your area till 7 pm ct this evening. Be careful.

  3. Some time off from the truck is good. I was curious though, if your able to say, do you have a home to take your breaks at? I do hear that some truck drivers live in their trucks so I was wondering…By the way, I absolutely love your videos, especially the seqway ones.

  4. Steve just wishing you a very good time off. Im very glad i had stumbled onto BRT site and complimenting you on offering us all such a wonderful time.Its really enjoyable to share in travels and exchange chats with all of the good crew members I just felt the need on this day of national mourning for President Bush to share with all friends on here that my brother-in-law was Marine One Helicopter pilot for both Reagan and Bush Sr when he served in the Marines.Not bragging just felt was relevant on this day to share this and welcome all road crew to share their personal memories as they are relevant God bless you.Looking forward to resume to BRT

  5. hi steve i hop your time is went well by the way have you heard any thing from the california 90 inspection ??? did thing go well ?

    all so when you do you think you have a new blog ?

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