Short day

Morning! Well, we made our delivery yesterday and had no problems with it. We scooted on over to the truckstop for the night and NAPPED!

We started this morning waiting in line for the trailer washout then ran over to Greeley, Colorado to be loaded at the shipper. We will have to shutdown in Wheatridge, Colorado since we will arrive there with less than an hour on our 70. Tomorrow we gain back 10,5 hours and that means tomorrow will be all mountains as we go up and down the Colorado Rockies! It will be a slow run since we will be very heavy!

5 thoughts on “Short day

  1. I have a question Steve, you go for trailer wash outs, is it because you haul food stuffs? I love riding with you and seeing sites I have yet to road trip through, thanks so much, your friend, terence murphy

  2. Hi Steve. Your donate link works at the top but not further down the page. So I have “donated the postage cost” of the BRT shirt to send to Australia. Did it go via Mars? I added a bit extra to cover the cut that Pay Pal extracts. Go Wyldde, Go truckinnggggg!

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