Afternoon ya’ll! Welcome to Oregon! Well, we fell short of our goal today. In fact, we ell short of several of them! Both California and Oregon are 55 MPH states for trucks. Both also have alot of 6% grade mountains. That means we were a dragon-fly truck for sure since we are so very heavy! What is a dragon-fly truck? We DRAG our trailer uphill and FLY downhilll! I gave it my all today but we just could not go fast at all. I am very proud of the truck though for making easy work of the steep mountain grades with temperatures in the upper 90’s. I hope ya’ll got plenty of snowman images today to save as wallpaper. I know it was great to visit this area again after not having been anywhere near here the last several years!

Early day tomorrow so we can finish the trip and make our delivery. I am dog tired so I figure we will check out this restaurant then go to bed. See ya’ll in the morning.