Good morning! Well if you were watching yesterday, you know the truck wouldn’t start. We had just filled up the tractor with fuel when the truck decided it wasn’t interested in going anywhere. Multiple calls were made to different towing companies, but the closest one that was available was coming from DeKalb, Illinois. Total of 3.5 hours, almost 4 by the time we actually left, just sitting in the fuel island. I got every imaginable dirty look from other drivers, especially when they saw me eating hotdogs while blocking the fuel island! I believe the truck will be ready today

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  1. After all the fuss of fixing the trailer I expect the tractor decided it wanted some attention too…Hope it gets sorted and hot dogs in the fuel dare you !!!!..ha ha..;)

    1. This blog needs a feature where somebody can like or dislike a comment. I would love to give one to you.

  2. Lol Steve…it’s not everyday you get to eat your lunch in the fuel island! You sure have kept things interesting not only for yourself but the road crew as well with everything that has gone on this week, never a dull moment. Hoping you do get the truck back today.

  3. That’s kinda like when you see someone get out of a car with a handicapped placard and you think, “boy they seem to walk just fine” but maybe
    don’t realize they could have a prosthetic leg, etc. Other drivers were judging you the same way, not realizing I’m sure that there were orange cones
    placed behind the trailer!
    I had a question about your latest trip journal. Delivering in Illinois but this not even close to being near a seaport, why would these be considered “export
    livers”? A nearby airport perhaps?

    1. It’s possible the livers were loaded on a train bound for Chicago and then loaded onto a boat headed out to the Atlantic. Lake Michigan does connect to the St. Lawrence Seaway.

  4. Lol Stevo, u are cool “i dont care” man.πŸ˜€πŸ‘ You should have put out George Foreman on dashboard, so that the other drivers envy even more that you have a broken car:)) hope the hotdog was tasty;)
    Take care Steve, hope u will be back on the roads soon. God bless!πŸ‘‹

  5. Hot dogs would have been my first choice while in the fuel island. I mean, what’s a guy supposed to do? Just sit there and starve? hahahahahaha Truck isn’t starving. Just got fuel. On a serious note, it always amazes me how these rigs can do so many miles and are basically very dependable overall. I decided to do erands in town today and then will be ready to hit the road with you tomorrow. Hope everything goes smoothly today and the truck says, ” ok I am ready now lets gooooooo”.

  6. Steve! If it’s not one thing, it’s another! The other truck drivers could have asked you if you needed any help! Instead of giving you dirty looks! Regardless you eating at the fuel line or not! What ever happened to helping your fellow trucker out in the time of need? Regardless of the company the trucker works for! Yesterday I sent you an email Steve. Take care!

  7. hahaha, new road crew don’t know about the time you broke down on the freeway thru Nashville.
    Or the time a tire puncture stuck you on a ramp, you couldn’t move, & a grass fire started in a field, wind blowing it rapidly your way!
    Or the time friends invited you to stop in Ohio for a swim in their pool, eat a steak & catch up on laundry. Being a conscientious employee, your load was ready (despite that shipper never having one ready on time ever before).
    So you hooked up & got another 100 miles of asphalt eaten up, declining a tempting evening with friends.
    Seemed a loss, until that night a tornado tore thru the area you would have been parked in!
    Yes, always one thing after another, one protection after another.
    I guess I better stop before you charge me by the inch, like that time I posted a 4 in. long worm in your blog comments!!

    1. Wow!! I had heard about Nashville but not the grass fire or the near miss with a tornado! Thanks for sharing that.

  8. Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong it will.

    O’Tolle’s Commentary on Murphy’s Law: Murphy was an optimist.

    1. Hey Rich your message reminds me i had confused Murphy’s Law with The Peter Principle on previous chat. So need to wipe egg of my face.Peter Principle ays employee will get promoted til they arrive at place of imcompettience. Murphy Law is Steves slogan now for problems

    1. Hey Dean –maybe that a black cat had crossed his path possibly??? Well just suggesting another jinx possibility

      1. Poor Steve he’s been jinxed since he came back from time out. Hopefully things will smooth out soon.

        1. Yes Dean my thoughts exactly also. Before his time off he had some problems and delays was off a week and since back is in a losing streak to use a sports analogy. Well now lets start winning streak Steve Go Team BRT

          1. Jim, Steve’s trip brought back memories of a family road trip we took to the lake 44 years ago. In 72 hours: a car wreck, our boat dock caught fire and sunk, and we ran out of gas trying to get back home in a horrible thunderstorm. Its still talked about to this day in the family. The 4th of July disaster. Go BRT!

  9. Unless they want to act like Nascar drivers and draft you out.. it’s better to have an issue in a safe place like Love’s.

  10. Sorry to learn of your breakdown Steve. Hope your truck gets fixed and you are back on the road soon!

  11. Good to see the snowman cam active again. That means you will be on the road. You did not say what the problem turned out to be. Starter or something else? That was a good looking meal. Lots better than hot dogs. Stay safe out on the roads.

  12. hi steve what ever happen too the other loade you had be for all of the issue with the truck started up ? i hop this time we can get loaded up and out of IL with out issues


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