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Scott DeVita

I was introduced to your channel in the early spring of 2023 .One day it showed up on my YouTube hone page .. You just happened to be in my hometown of ST. Louis so I thought I”d watch for awhile ..I also subscribed that day..I figured out you had a chat room at one of your watch parties ..The 1st time I posted something in chat you gave me a shout out and welcomed me to the channel and the “chat family”..All others in chat that day welcomed me too and I thought that was really cool.. When I won a couple of your live watch party contests (Rocky Mountain decal and a beer stein ) I was really hooked . Then on nov.5 2023 I got to meet the man .the myth ,the legend ..You were so nice to my wife and I.. You didn’t have road crew medallions on you at the time , but you were heading home and promised us you would send them .. You kept that promise and in 3 short days they arrived at my house ..I was very impressed.. Just by watching your streams you have helped me plan our vacation this year to Moab UT and the scenic drive through San Rafael Swell..You are truly a great and genuine man.. I”m so glad I’ve become part of the BRT family.. I watch every day when you stream ..Live or not I never miss a day with big rig Steve !!