Saturday runaround

Morning gang! We are doing some running around this morning. We already got rid of our ugly old trailer with the roll up door but there is only one available refrigeration trailer in this whole region…and it has a dead trailer reefer battery. Working with the weekend road service folks to get this fixed then we can head on to the shipper to get loaded. Hang in there, we will tackle this problem as we do everything else that comes our way.

20 thoughts on “Saturday runaround

  1. No sweat Steve. You can only do what you can do. We will all be here waiting for whatever the outcome of the situation. Don’t stress yourself. Stay safe & well. Prayers that everything will get settled soon.

  2. Steve, I’ve got my seat belt cinched up and my ” Road Helmet ” strapped on (with ear buds built in to hear every melodic tone you utter). Giddy up, yeeeeee haaaaaaw!!!!!

    1. Don’t tighten the straps too tight just yet! You might pass out before we get this trailer fixed lol

      1. Lol, Steve! (4 real)
        I’ll nap on the dash, as always. The dash is mine. Rake everybody else off the dash.

        1. LOL TK, yes, you may have to brush a few folks off the dash, that is prime viewing for sure, but I’d say you have dibs. I used to have the window seat, but gave it to Mendel after I turned blue. Hope you are doing well, and always nice to see you when you poke your head in chat. Take care 😊

  3. Thanks for the heads up, my face was turning purple, I’ll loosen up the straps until you signal “Take Off”. Good luck with the repairs.

  4. Hi Steve Im in Wisconsin n the dot is allowing food vendor trucks at all 27 rest areas in Wisconsin. Nice job u do. Keep on trucking.✌️

  5. Hope you get the reefer repaired soon so you don’t lose the next trip. I’m sorry if you answered this question elsewhere, but can you tell us how you (finally) managed to get unloaded yesterday? Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. Howdy. After the shipper told the delivery folks that they would be paying for the refused freight anyway, funny they told us to come back and they put us in a door and unloaded us. Took them until 7pm, but they did do it.

      1. Hmm, interesting. Thanks for answering my question. Hope they load you quickly now that you spent most of the day getting an “approved” trailer repaired/ready for them.

  6. Steve, I notice there are no drone flights since 2017, did it crash? I have really enjoyed the ones you have posted.

    1. Just been really busy and or alot of places we stopped don’t allow drones. I do need to get more flying time in though

  7. Me, my dog Bo and three cats are suited up and ready for a ride! Let the passenger window down so we can all hang our heads out with Bo! 👍🌴

  8. Was wondering why the now I know. Hey…your truck drive wanna bees are ready when you are.

  9. hi Steve is this the normal time you take time off? normal you like too take time off around this time or have the Coronavirus push back your time off right now has they need all drivers on deck right now ?

  10. Thing I don’t get is why shippers are so fearful of the roll up door trailers? I would think it would be much easier for them to load because most of them have the long tethers so you can easily pull them down. Could it be a lost art? I guess so.

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