Saturday morning tires

Good morning. It seems like nothing changes, not even in a new year. The other driver that left us with an overweight trailer yesterday? I just noticed during today’s inspection that we also have two bad trailer tires. I can’t believe I missed the bad tires yesterday, but guess the bad spot was facing down. Either way, we are waiting for the authorizations to get the tires replaced. Now, just hoping this doesn’t cause us to be late for our delivery!

10 thoughts on “Saturday morning tires

  1. Welcome to the world of GMC Steve, i/e garage mans companion!!! Okay not nice to kid when have this happen –so Mash It soon This Too Shall Pass!!!

    1. P S–talking about garage –love the view on snow man camera of inside of garage Door with windows view Ha Ha love to Steve

  2. Hmm, Interesting….. You are going to have a look at the tires. Betcha the guy flat spotted them. That’s why the guy took off. He didn’t want that event on his record. It could also explain why he made it so far without an overweight ticket. When he jammed the breaks he/she re-deranged the load. Which explains why it sort of took so long at the receiver.

    It all points up to your super skilled truck driving. You drove that trailer an extra day and by rights that trailer should have flats before this. So it sounds like a bad day, but actually its a good day. New rubber.

  3. Hi Steve — it’s a bit worrying to me that other drivers don’t bother to fix problems with the trailers. Not very safe on the roads. Thanks goodness you, on the other hand, are concerned about safety – driving and equipment! I sure hope the year from now on is a great one.

  4. It seems your streak of rotten luck after time off has followed you into the new year. I think it’s a shame that there are other drivers out there that have an I don’t care attitude and feel it is ok to leave problem trailers for other drivers like Steve to take care of. You’ve certainly had your share lately Steve. Here’s hoping authorizations come through and tire repairs can be made so that you can still make delivery on time.

  5. It’s a great to know that you are vigilant and check thoroughly for these problems. Makes me wonder how many other trailers are out there on the road with defective tyres because the other drivers don’t check properly. We know we are always safe travelling with you Steve…..

  6. Lack of accountability is a pet peeve for sure, and also a common problem with narcissists. People like the former diver, (providing he/she was consciously aware of problems with the trailer) cannot put himself into the shoes of another and feel or understand how something might affect the next person.

    As for you Steve: it’s somewhat of a known fact that the closer one is to The Omnipotent Creator aka God, the more the Creator’s adversary will test the patience and endurance of the one on a righteous path.  You Steve handle all of it, well and in stride because you like so many of us know:  ‘this too shall pass.’

  7. Wow, Steve! Sorry to hear someone left you with a mess—overweight load and bad tires. Well, at least you noticed both before getting out on the road and having a flat or get a ticket. My cars are both low to the ground and if I hit a piece of tire from an 18-wheeler it really can do damage.

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