Salt Lake 

Morning Road Crew! We tried to get parking lastnight at the truckstop,  but as usual,  none to be found.  I do know a few side streets that alot of truckers Park on….so we found a street, parked, and made our own soup dinner. We woke up at 330am to make our first delivery near downtown Salt Lake City on a deadend street. Not too bad, was in and out in a reasonable amount of time. Now, we sit and wait for our final delivery tonight just up the road a bit.

Once the sun comes up and thaws things out a bit, we will scoot across the road here and jump on the Jordan River Trail with the Segway….. I may or may not broadcast it live. In the meantime,  here is the recorded video of the last Segway Adventure in Denver earlier this week on the Sand Creek Regional Greenway.

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