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Ryan Earles

Hi. My name is Ryan and I’m from the great city of Mansfield, OH. I have watched BigRigTravels since January of 2019 and have been a regular chatter since May of 2021. I first found BRT when I was searching for a driving video on YouTube for the Lincoln Hwy (old US-30) from Mansfield to Bucyrus, OH and found an archived Livestream of BRT from North Canton, OH to Findlay, OH from January of 2019 and he went thru Mansfield (my town) via US-30, so I watched that video and got hooked onto BRT. BRT was the reason my knowledge on roads, bridges, cities, etc are really good and why I’m good at maps and directions. I loved it so much, that I volunteered to be part of the BRT Team as a Recapper and Navigator for the Live Chat on YT in Mid May of 2021. I would recommend BRT to anyone who wants to go for a virtual trip without leaving home or for educational purposes (like maps, school, etc). I love BRT and will continue to be part of the Road Crew until the day I die.