Rush ‘n Sit

Oh boy, long day of backroads today as we raced to Schuyler, Nebraska arriving just 22 minutes late for our loading appointment. No biggie since I rolled up to the lot and there is a big number of trucks waiting to load. Our booking appointment is for a preloaded trailer and when asked if I had time for dinner, they laughed and said breakfast too! As of now, they have not even pulled the empty trailer they are going to load from the lot yet. Guess we wait until they call us!

Numbers for today:
Miles – 370.8
70 hrs left – 15hr19min
Gain tomorrow – 7hr8min.
Today’s mpg 9.4

22 thoughts on “Rush ‘n Sit

  1. I enjoyed riding with you through my old stomping grounds the past two days. I grew up in Eureka, MO (I-44 at Six Flags) and St Joseph, MO. I was very familar with the roads the past few days.

    At least they can’t blame you if this load doesn’t get to Carson by Sunday….:) (What were they thinking?)

  2. So sorry, Steve, that you have to hurry up and wait!! Thanks for the ride today! I thoroughly enjoyed it! By the way — hope your headache disappeared.

  3. Well, I hope you got the delivery appointment changed today before the dispatch went home for the weekend. Hope the rest of this trip goes better. See ya in the AM.

    1. My guess is that the old appointment was scheduled for Monday and Steve hoped to be in Kearney by tonight. The stops would have been followed by Breckenridge tomorrow night, and maybe push it to Barstow on Sunday night. As is, Steve is going to be lucky to reach Denver by tomorrow night. To answer your question, he’ll likely get the appointment changed before he leaves Utah on Monday morning. That is if they get Steve’s trailer loaded before lunch.

  4. Why did Chatty Cathy have you go on US 34 – US 75 – NE 370 — US 6 rather than I 29 – I 80 – I 680 – US 6..?

  5. Hey Steve as have previously stated since you been back after month off seems like its been one hiccup speed bump glitch after another Well heres another un-expected delay to throw wrench into your plans and i dont mean –blue wrench –a subtle jab at mods–just kidding!! So just hang in there and MASH_IT –are we there yet–best invention ever —the wheel

  6. Did the shipper give you any idea of how long before you can pick up the load? Waiting is a bummer! Treat yourself to a nice breakfast!!

  7. Cannot get the current trips to load. Last entry 8-25-19. What am I doing wrong ? Love your website you take me places I didn’t get to go when I drove.

  8. “Current Status: [ Shipper promises load ready before 3pm Saturday ]”
    Did they specify which Saturday?

  9. I’m noticing every time you are supposed to have a quick trailer swap of a pre-loaded trailer, it turns into a very long wait. Hope it gets remedied soon. I’m bored and need a road trip. Stay safe Steve.

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