Round and around

Morning from Plover, Wisconsin!

We made our very early delivery this morning in Grafton then took the backroads to Plover where we have already dropped our empty trailer to be loaded later tonight for our next trip. Finally we get back to exploring “other places” besides the Wisconsin Circle! HA! Talking about circles, were you watching when we were on State Route 60 West and we had to run around about six of those roundabouts? I do not understand what the attraction to those really are. It seems I see them more and more! A big truck pretty much takes over the whole thing and the trailer wheels run up on the bricks in the center no matter how wide he goes. Or what about the backwards intersections? Look at the photo I took from Google maps….You have to go from the right, then wiggle to the left, then wiggle back to the right! Makes no sense to me at all! Yes, I have done several of those……

Alright, we are going to catch up on a nap, get food, good coffee, and just hang out for today until our load is ready! The pine trees sure look nice with the freezing fog on them!