Restart Again

Good evening to all. We just did a 34 hour restart last Friday and here it is Thursday night and we will need to do another restart. We arrived in Barstow, California with just half an hour on our 11 hour clock and 5.5 hours on our 70 with only 56 minutes being gained over the next TWO days! We have really been doing very tight trips that required us to drive every hour possible. The downside to that is we burn up our clocks fast but the upside is we are turning the wheels making a good living and showing off the beauty of America! I though about it and ran several scenarios through my head and decided that we will do better if we take time to do a restart then as soon as our restart is completed we will take off and head North through California, Oregon, and Washington State. In order to still make ontime delivery first thing Monday morning, we will have to run every mile we can on Saturday and Sunday then finish up Monday morning any miles we are short on. Doing it this way will still allow us ontime for this trip and yet have a full slate of 70 hours to run the rest of next week with. This is normally the slow freight time of year but hey, let’s run everything we possibly can while we can! The load we brought here to Barstow will be taken to the final delivery in Oakland by another driver. The Trip Journal has been updated.

20 thoughts on “Restart Again

  1. I thought you said this was your slow time of year! 😉 At least you get a day off where the weather is nice. It looks like there are a lot of sidewalks near that truck stop, but they all end at the edge of the desert. Maybe a segway or walkabout tour of Barstow on you day off tomorrow? Just a thought. Enjoy your day off, safe travels, and Lord bless.

  2. Just wanted to let you know Steve how blessed I feel getting to visit so many areas of our great nation as a member of the road crew. Glad we are busy during a slow time for freight. Easy for me to say. I just walk in my home office and sit back and enjoy the ride. Anyway, appreciate your work and effort to give us a great experience and enjoy your day off. I am looking forward to the trip to the Seattle area.

  3. Watching the ride thru Emery and Salina Utah I just had to think about how much time and work went into just making that
    road. With all the rock cuts and just how isolated the area is just amazes me when you think about how this was accomplished.
    Of course there are so many other highways that fit this category, but wow!
    Thanks once again for the tour thru these magnificent sites. Just in awe!

    1. Yes! you think like me! My dad worked on many roads in the West & also on Hoover Dam. I often think of what it must have been like. I was too young to ask very many questions. Every night was camping at the end of that day’s work. But the show of vast & deep star fields made it worth the hard bedroll.

      1. Wow what a sight it must have been too … and I’m sure you had plenty of questions in mind 🙂
        So much accomplished in such engineering marvels, and without GPS or cell phones to “help” but
        yet the work still got done. Hmmmm may this have been because there were no tweets, hashtags, or
        texts to annoy these hard workers?
        I’m seriously lucky if the road they re-paved here recently lasts more than a couple years without falling apart
        but places like the Hoover Dam are still standing strong. What’s wrong here?!

  4. What a week it’s been Steve! Those wheels have been turning like crazy and the sites have been breathtaking. Thank you so much! Looking forward to hitting the road tomorrow, in the meantime, use this time to recharge your batteries as well 😊

  5. Hopefully you can do a broadcast from the Harvey House or give us an update on the squirrels!

  6. Whew…… I am tired as i am sure you must be also. Such awesome sights u have taken us through. I have only been as far as South Dakota 49 years ago and then flew to Vegas twice but never got to see the Rocky’s. I sure want to see them when all is green. I would never be able to take a trip like this alone or with family so i really do appreciate the ride along. When crossing the Rockies i was amazed at how our settlers were so strong with so much perseverance to cross with covered wagons. Just could not see how they could do it but they did. Looking forward to our next trip. Should be another good one but not quite as good. Thank you is just not enough but it is the best i can do. God keep u safe on your journeys.

  7. hi steve what time on sat will we be rolling on the road ? keep in mind has you move N you will run in too too wet weather

      1. 5 am or 5 pm pacfc time saterday? sorry not great at pacfic time sorry thanks for lettion us ride with you steve

  8. It’s great you can have some rest for you have gotten a great deal done in such short time. It’s fun and so nice to be tagging along on your deliveries across this great country of ours. Thank so much for showing the great views and your wonderful comments make it all the better. Enjoy your rest and may the good Lord keep you safe as you go.

  9. Hey Steve how about some fun? You think you can do a Segway ride ? All so you think we can have a fire side chat?

  10. hi steve one thing i dont get is how can you not have any hrs after you run down your 70hrs nomraly you get some some like 10hr 12hr then 6hrs then 10hrs after the 70 hrs are used but has of late you where not able to get any hrs too use how come ?

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