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Good Sunday to all of ya! Well, we attempted to make our delivery last night but just as expected, we were turned away at the gate and told to reschedule the delivery. This now puts our next trip into jeopardy since we are already late to for our next loading appointment. The thing is, its the weekend and of course nothing gets solved on the weekends. You ever notice that most of our problems happen on the weekend and nothing seems to be able to get solved until the regular crew shows back up on Monday?  We are just sitting by waiting for some word on our new delivery times…. Guess it is time to pull out the brand new laptop and start doing some website work! As soon as I hear any news, I’ll let ya know.

BTW, The 2019 Trip Journal has now been closed out. In the year 2019, we completed 118 trips, visited 38 States, 963 different counties, and hauled over 4.1 million pounds of freight.

24 thoughts on “Reschedule ?

  1. I am sort of confused here Steve? Why isn’t the Freight Broker doing that rescheduling job? Its his/her contract. You done your work. And unlike most, you have over 400 witnesses. Okay maybe Canada works a little different but the Load/freight broker gotta start pulling up their socks. Getting delayed is a normal course of affairs.

    If you take your time things go fast. The minute you have to hurry up, the whole world turns and contrives to hold you up and throw delay after delay. That’s why dispatchers and brokers get paid. Sorry to say, like you I was a working schmuck and it all isn’t up to me. That broker has a rolodex, I guarantee, they should be making calls.

    I worked in warehouse. Its no big deal unloading a semi like yours. Unless they have no Sunday shifts. We are totally behind you on this even the Road crew who have never driven.

    1. Well sure, the brokers are in charge of making the reschedules. I had to make my first attempt, and we did. Now, we threw the ball back in their court and have to wait until they set up a new delivery appointment.

  2. Last night while departing the Love’s, you said there was a 92.85% chance the delivery would have to be rescheduled. The math professor in me thought, “I hope the 7.15% comes up this time.” 😉 Hang in there. Safe travels and Lord bless.

      1. It’s Okay, but I would prefer last year’s format.

        BTW, the trip maps, as listed in the new format need to be their own feature, “Past Trip Maps.”

      2. It depends on what information the reader is looking for. Letting readers drill down to see more details about each trip is a good idea, but there is less information available at the summary level. Overall, I’d consider it an improvement.

        By the way, I’m formulating a math research project for my students based on the data in your trip journal. I just need you to keep the trip journal going for a couple more years, and I need to find a student to take it on.

      3. I really like it Steve and with the addition of the map it is more how I imagined the Trip Journal when I first suggested it. plus there is some extra information too ….and the 2019 totals really bring it home how much/hard you really work in just one year..Thank Steve

      4. Hi again Steve, I like the new trip journal but would miss not knowing what contents you delivering to the receiver that was a cool part of the old trip journal.

  3. Hello Steve and Happy New Year! Thanks for the great video posting but sorry to learn the first bump in the road of 2020 with the delivery has come so soon and not at the best time being a weekend. I hope things resolve quickly for you and able to move forward soon. I wish nothing but the best for you and all the road crew in this new year. Safe travels.

      1. i no that but some time steve like too turn on the live stream so we can watch the trucks go buy and chat it been some time since we had a day where we can just watch the trucks and have a nic chat

        1. This truck stop isn’t that busy for a livestream, at least as far as I know. Besides, Steve might need to head to delivery at a moment’s notice.

  4. Always amazes me for how big a company you drive for, that they don’t have a complementary sized staff who can handle weekend scheduling. Must make for a lot of drivers who have to hurry up and wait
    By the way thanks for the updated 2020 trip journal version. I like the details and map for each trip 🙂 Got a little bummed at first when I didn’t see the cargo included!

    1. From what I’ve been told, the delivery location has not been answering the phone for the delivery appointment office, so as of yet, nobody’s been able to get a new appointment set up

  5. Well that didn’t take long.. Thought maybe you’d last a week without getting into a delivery snafu.. Guess I should know better then to cross my eyes.

  6. Look at the waybills. Prepaid or collect. If its prepaid notify shipper as shipment refused. Bring it back afternoon. If its collect you’re screwed.. Its their cargo.

    But why would receiving not answer the phone. Then it dawned on me. Refer to calendar. INVENTORY – annual count.

    1. Well, remember, I’m a company driver and this is all out of my hands. It’s between the delivery office and my company. While I may not understand the delays and details, I still get layover pay. All the big bosses have been informed and other than that, it’s out of my hands.

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