**Updated** Repower

Ok, it looks like this trip is now terminated for us since it will be repowered by another driver.  We just completely used up our 70 hour clock.  We will get a  new trip Saturday morning and we’ll update you as soon as I know more.


We are now booked with three trips and 7 different customers which will keep us running both days and nights nonstop through next Friday the 28th of June! Let’s get some rest because we will head to the shipper the minute our repower arrives with an empty trailer and they take this load onward to Idaho and Washington.

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  1. It makes sense to repower it there on I-80 rather than Denver. Of course that doesn’t make any difference to you if your next pick-up is in Denver….:)

  2. I expected this. It all goes back to the shipper in Fort Collins. If he didn’t keep Steve waiting, he would have completed the trip to Topeka a day earlier than delivered followed by cruising to delivery in northeastern Colorado today. He then would be free to make the delivery early tomorrow morning and then his next pickup.

  3. Enjoy the free Friday Steve. The early morning drive was horrible (i mean, your driving was perfect as usual, but the conditions were really bad in some parts – cats&rats or how it is in english:). Get some rest and good food Mr.Driver👍 God bless!

      1. Standard cans don’t require refrigerator in transit, but does require “protect from freezing”.

        1. Thank you Steve. I was little bit surprised because on another trip in trip journal is for Nestlé water temperature 65F… so i thought the beer need some “upper limit” too. Take care Steve!

          1. I understand Steve, thank you for answer. Im not your controlee of course:) I was just interested… Sleep well if you can! Good night and safe travels;)

        2. It makes sense to keep standard beer cans warm. But that beer does suck when you try to drink it as far as I know.

      2. Hi Tomas. In English the expression is “it’s raining cat and dogs” but I like your version!

  4. Will you be taking a 34hr restart Steve ? And you think today would be a good day for a road crew show ? I hop you can get the next trip that will head E for your time off

  5. Hello Steve,
    tomorrow morning and then again later we drive past the “Zion Lutheran Church” at Hwy 283, 9 Miles to WaKeeney in the direction of Dodge City. Since 2013 (since it was your Christmas theme on the blog, older road crew members will remember) already x times. I’m looking forward to it every time. Because she is so simple and lonely there in the middle of the landscape, she somehow grew dear to my heart. Unfortunately, the “snowman” never hit her so well again. in the last rides the signal was always worse or “schneeman” had a few dropouts (both directions). Even the video had gaps there. so this time a very daring request of a single road crew member. if it is possible, please drive there very slowly. or even stop and take a picture with your camera? that would be awesome! well, we’ll see what’s possible. I wish you good luck and reasonable senders, customers and dispatchers for the upcoming exhausting week. Thank you and stay safe!

      1. Thanks for the note Tomas. I know everyone and I was always present live every time I drove past the church. but it depends on the photos of the “snowman”. Since the end of 2013, I collect all the photos around the clock every day (without double so far about 5,500,000). In the past, I used to “make” a 17 small films from photos of one day. the first is just right for tomorrow morning (18 BigRigSteve morning drive in Nebraska on 03/09/2015) see:
        note: I had a girlfriend 45 years ago in Medzilaborce, Slovakia, where I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Eve. it was fantastic!

        1. Great work Belakk!!👍 With that beautiful song truck-driving looks very romantic:) Thank you for the link! Sorry, i didnt know you are so big BRT fan for so long time. … and Medzilaborce? lol i thought there never was someone from America:) totaly “boonies”. Today there is Andy Warhol museum with few his works. The reason is Warhol’s both parents were from village very close to Medzilaborce (Mikova)… So actually Warhol was Ruthenian like my grandfather;) Thanks for cool interesting info about your visit in Slovakia;) Take care👋😃

          1. tomas, thanks for the praise (such mini-films are no longer necessary in today’s much better live streaming). By the way, I’m not an American, I live in the former East Germany and have followed Steve since 2012. I’m not religious either, but small churches have always done to me. The Christmas Mass and the walk there in Medzilaborce had impressed me deeply. Andy Warhol? I thought he was great! have a nice day

  6. May be the bosses can change the time too where you have too pick up your next load so that way you can take a 34hr restart and get a clean 70hrs don’t they no that you have too take a 34hr restart every now and then if you don’t have enough hrs or if your running in too into your 70hr clock alot your not going too get vary far if you only get like 5 or 6 hrs back every day just saying

    1. We can’t just tell customers to change their expected freight appointments. We keep gaining back hours to run the trips appropriately. If anything unexpected happens, we can deal with it then. Trust me, we will take a full 34hr restart next weekend!

      1. Hopefully the most unexpected thing that happens is that a delivery client ends up backlogged to the point you have to come back in the morning. Hopefully it happens in Rochelle and you get to spend the night at the new Love’s.

    1. My guess is that Steve is waiting in line. Another guess is that there are no trailers to be had despite the promise of trailers. We’ll likely know of the situation in the next blog post.

    2. Sometimes yes. Depends on bills, customers, etc. Remember, there are more people and trucks than just myself.

      1. For the record, Steve’s customers do come in all sizes. The Denver clients are always bigger than the client in Schulyer, NE.

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