Howdy and good evening.  I realize that we had a rough signal since we left Cheyenne , Wyoming and my end of stream comments might not have been heard.  Basically, my first thought was to shutdown in Cheyenne but instead decided to just keep rolling.  Then, we came up on Laramie and had planned on stopping there. Well I got rambunctious and decided to push my luck to Rawlings.  We arrived with just 2 minutes left on our 11 hour drive clock . We covered a total of 670.0 miles today! Very long day indeed.  We will finish up our delivery tomorrow sometime after lunch mountain time.  Currently we will have 12 hours to use over the next two days on our 70 clock . Didn’t we just do a 34hour restart in New York? ?? Night from Rawlings,  Wyoming.  Remember to subscribe to the BigRigTravels YouTube channel and hit the like buttons!

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