Good evening and welcome back to the Erie, Pennsylvania area. Of course, as soon as we crossed into Pennsylvania from New York, the rain started. I tell you, it seems like everytime I drive through Pennsylvania it rains!

We are done driving for the day with just 11 minutes left on our 70 hour clock. Tomorrow we gain back 8 hours and 13 minutes….so we will get a good amount of miles in. That load we dropped in Jonestown? It still has a few hours before the first delivery appointment tonight. That means by running hard and getting out from under that load quickly it enabled us to pickup and deliver (this morning) another trip and be down the road on our second trip…..all before we would have done otherwise! 🙂

I am dog tired. I hope it rains all night and I get a good night’s sleep in this rain:) This is perfect weather to get under my fuzzy blanket and fluff up my pillows!

See ya’ll in the morning. No alarm clocks!!! We wake up when we wake up – without that annoying screaming buzzer I have!