Plans changed

Well, Well. The original plan had us dropping this loaded trailer at the customer at 8pm Wednesday night. Then, since we were running more than 24 hours early, arrangements were supposedly made to drop Tuesday before 6pm. We arrived at the gate and learned “a lack of communication” had occurred and no early deliveries were authorized. We will not wait and pay for this mistake but rather, take this to a drop yard Wednesday morning and let someone else make the final delivery while we get our next trip lined up. We will broadcast the trip back to Salt Lake City tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Plans changed

  1. Hi Steve sorry to hear about the communication problem or lack of it but I hope things work out well for you tomorrow. You had great timing to head southwest to miss the frigid temps everyone getting east of the Rockies as well as where I reside in Erie, PA where it will be below zero both Wednesday & Thursday night before we rebound to the mid 40s by next Sunday. Have a great evening!

  2. What we have here is a failure to communicate. Seems to be a common problem with businesses.
    However, I did love the walking tour of Baker!

  3. Delivered auto parts for GM for 21 years. Of all the numerous times I was told I had a “hot” load that had to be there asap, it was true once. Dispatchers always want you there early so they had less to worry about.

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