Picky picky!

Howdy and what picky some places can be! Industry standards for arrival at refrigerator trailers is 3/4. That will provide about 3 days of fuel to run the reefer unit. We arrived with 7/8 tank and were refused entry to the delivery until we got fuel and returned with a full topped off tank. Guess what? That was 15 miles each way added on for fuel then we ran into heavy traffic due to construction. We aren’t even dropping this trailer since we are a live unload. Total waste of time.

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  1. Seems like there are two principles at work for Steve Peter priciple which said employee promoted till get to position they not are capable of doing it –that being the person in charge of receiving company and Murphys law –ststes whatever can go wrong does indeed go wrong But Steve as the cool calm calculating pro he is will handle it with great pride in difficult situation SOO hanging in there till–Mash-It!!!

  2. Hi Steve

    So sorry that you had a couple of rough months out in the road. Some of these companies nit pick on stupid things and that’s terrible they do that to truck drivers….you especially!!

    Well hang in there and when you are done there go find a hiding spot, park and get a couple hours of sleep. Hope your allergies are doing better.

    Your goodie package is on its way to you and will arrive at your PO Box on Friday. Enjoy your goodies and please have a great week.

  3. That makes no sense at all for the receiver to be concerned about fuel level when the trailer is not a drop trailer and will only be there for a few hours and will be departing with the same driver….

    It sounds like somebody at that warehouse is not using common sense.

  4. What a load of total nonsense, Steve eh? You drove all that way, hundreds of miles, only to be turned away for the sake of fuel. Wasting valuable time getting stuck in heavy traffic too

    Why didn’t the receiver ring you en route to say you must have a full tank, before you turned up at the premises.
    They should have been greatful you turned up on time as promised

    Howdy Steve
    are we still at customer yard have they unloaded us yet

    Please learn too check the status bar on the website that will tell you what Steve is doing and not doing

  6. Maybe it’s because I’m half asleep,

    But anyway, this reminds me of what happens when you spoil a kat too much and the kat becomes Martha, the picky stubborn hard headed old farticus lady who every visitor cringes at because they know she’s leaving a surprise in their luggage.

  7. Hope Steve gives this receiver a bad rating. If he has time, talk to the receiving manager about the insane employee who turned him away. At a minimum, Steve should mention this to his Boss and to the shipper so future delivery drivers are warned.

  8. Only one reason comes to mind:
    they were trying to delay steve to cover for beeing behind schedule and hope that the round trip to fuel up
    would take enough time to either make steve run out of hours and or get jammed in atlanta traffic
    which would delay him enough for them to handle the current unloads.

  9. I’m missing the western. trips, Steve. Much more interesting to ride along out west than the eastern half. Safe travels.

  10. hi Steve

    are we still going too Kearney , NJ ? you said some in that the trip has changed

    all so the other day you said you update the blog I think you for got lol but that’s ok we all for get things

  11. i must just missed this afternoon i was there about a 1/2 before you got there. we passed each other on i 78. welcome to nj

  12. Hi Steve how did the repair go and what was the issue and was it a easy fix ?

    But the way when will we see a new blog ?

    All so are we planning on going all the way to UT with this load or are we going too. Drop it at the drop Yard in Rochelle. IL and have other driver take it and you in joy some time off ?

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