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Updated – Pick a Color and Lots of news!

Good Late evening everybody! First bit of news is we will go back to driving on Monday, Feb 22. We will be back on the dispatch board at 10am, but that might not be exactly when we officially get the next trip. As soon as I get the trip information, I will update the trip page and give you a better idea of when we will actually start broadcasting again.

We have just completed our very first BigRigTravels Auction! The Alien Fresh Jerky Store visit in Baker, California on February 9th of this year sold with the winning bid of $68.00! Many thanks to the winner; your item will be mailed out on Monday.

Instead of buying a third new phone this year to replace the still image and GPS camera (aka snowman) I decided to extend its life by simply replacing the battery myself. The “operation” was a success. We will have it back in full usage for our next broadcast. You have to really think about all the images and nonstop GPS data the phone has been uploading to our servers the last 3-4 years. I am really surprised it lasted this long!

Later this year, we will be getting a new 2022 Freightliner Cascadia. I got to choose between any manufacturer and I chose to stay with the Cascadia. Since I made that part of the decision, I need you to choose the color. Yup, you read that right! I am letting the Road Crew decide the color of our next truck! I have searched all over for the Dupont Color Charts but cannot find one at all, so I can’t post images of the actual colors….Take the poll below.

Updated Sunday Song

54 thoughts on “Updated – Pick a Color and Lots of news!

  1. I chose red.

    1. Since I have 30 years with our Fire Dept, I concur!!

    2. Purple

  2. Love the Viper Blue Pearl!

    1. It maybe hard to keep clean but the black cherry sounds so pretty for a big truck. But the Blue maybe more practical. Take care and drive safe.

  3. Black

    1. That black gold would be cool too

      1. Black Gold was my pick, too.

  4. Howdy Steve. Was this a shortlist of colours sent from your company for you to choose from? I had a quick look on the Freightliner website and I have to say I think the Cascadia looks absolutely sensational in … Orange! However, I voted Viper Blue in the poll (hope I got the tone right, lol).
    Hope you are well and enjoying your extended break from the road.

  5. I choose white, but teal green is my favorite. My last KW was teal green and at different angles it looked blue ..

  6. Steve, Freightliner and Dupont sure don’t make it easy do they? Even the Freightliner Cascadia “Build Your Own” website only shows 2 Reds but doesn’t identify them.

    I choose whichever Red is closest to a Metallic Candy Apple Red.

  7. One thing to keep in mind when voting on the color of the new truck is the color of Steve’s current truck seems to blend right in with the road he is traveling. It doesn’t take our eyes away from the scenery, that is the truck doesn’t take center stage. I think it should be close to the color of his current truck.

  8. I choose whichever Red.

  9. Howdy Steve, I hope you had a good time off. You deserved a lil R and R. The color I chose is viper blue pearl. Take care and God bless.

  10. Black Gold…Any color will be ok though.

    Safe Travels, Steve…

    1. Black and good sure would look elegant.

      1. Really meant black and gold.

  11. I think black cherry would look shnazzy! Like Rick said tho, I’d vote for orange if it was an option. Of course you don’t want to be mistaken for that “other” trucking company starting with an “S”! Thanks for giving us the opportunity. Maybe you can give us a picture of the new truck when it arrives 🙂

  12. Chose Aztec Gold Metallic. Had an suv that approximate color and it always looked clean unless it was really dirty and it is a nice color.

  13. White is the safest color to pick out on the horizon on the highway. It also blends in with any trailer. Most fleet vehicles and company utility vehicles are white in color for employee safety. Easy to spot.

  14. I chose red,as its good to stand out in snowy weather,and be seen. Also a hot colour!

  15. For what it’s worth a YouTube channel called “Truckin’ Travis Peterbilt Dallas” appears to have video samples of many colors with the same names (on actual trucks), so I’m assuming it’s the same colors even though the truck brand is different. I won’t put a link here in case that’s frowned upon, but it’s easy enough to find if you want to look. Some of the colors look decidedly different than I imagined from the names…

  16. I chose gun metal gray. Too much red on the screen makes aggressive and a quarter of the picture red. Näääh… 😉

    1. Me too.

  17. I chose Black Cherry ’cause that was my dad’s favorite soda. Thank you for “Waymaker,” one of my favorites. Take care, Steve!

  18. I went with the Bright Blue Metallic.

  19. I chose Black Gold.

  20. Thank you so much for the update and the Sunday Video, I really needed to hear that, it touched my heart so much. Hope you had a restful time off, you sure deserved it, and thank you for the premieres they were awesome. Hope the weather is good for you when you get back on the road, will be watching the status bar. Thenk you for everything you do, take care and God bless.

  21. Do you know which cab you are getting on the new truck ?

  22. Purple

  23. Quick question Steve, who won the auction?

    1. Go to the store, click on auction, open up the item, then scroll near the bottom you will see a section that says “auction activity”. It displays who bid what, when and who won the auction.

  24. You drivers in the U S certainly earn your money this time of year. Steve you deserve a new truck.

  25. Howdy from Arizona
    Good job replacing the battery on the phone. i have watched some YouTube videos of people
    taking cell phones apart. Looks like you need steady hands.
    I say pick Gray or Silver for the truck color

  26. Congrats on the new truck. As a former driver black gold would be a cool color. I would also like to know what type of engine and transmission.
    Will your new ride have super singles for drivers or dual tires.

    1. The truck hasn’t even been manufactured yet. I have no idea what all the details will be, but I do know stopped using super singles years ago

  27. I chose Bright Blue Metallic. Blue is my favorite color with purple being a close 2nd.

  28. Hey, Steve!

    I had to flip a coin, and chose the Viper Blue!

    Thanks again for all you do!

    1. You’re a poet,
      did you know it??

  29. I voted for the gray….Gray seems to work well as far as contrast with the camera view as somebody else mentioned earlier.

  30. Went with the Silver/gray… easier to appear clean…
    Thank you!

  31. Thanks, for allowing us to take a vote! I googled some of the colors and thought that the Viper Blue Pearl looked quite distinctive. So that’s what I voted for. Stay safe and warm, safe travels to you BigRigSteve.

  32. Thanks for letting us vote Steve. I like how in the videos the hood blends in with most roads, and the beautiful landscapes are the focus. I think grey will do that for you.

  33. Hi Steve….the viper blue pearl is a nice color…i picked that…

  34. Easy, black.

  35. You’re kind of an outlaw trucker, working for the people (road crew). These are all beautiful colors and any would work but my vote is for black. I think it speaks to what you’re all about.

  36. Gun Metal Gray because that’s what your current color on your current 2021 Cascadia is.

  37. Texas A&M Gig’em Aggies, Maroon! It’s available on the 2022 Cascadia.

  38. RED FOR THE 2022 TRUCK

  39. I pick light navy blue

  40. Purple

  41. Purple new truck color

  42. Steve,
    Thank you for allowing the road crew to help choose the color of your new truck.
    Also I think it is great that you are using your life to show others God’s love, through keeping a clean chat and these Sunday songs are awesome! You have a friend here watching in Houston, Texas.

  43. Oak Tree Leaf Green, at the height of summer, Steve!

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