Pennsylvania Nights

Evening everyone, we have completed our delivery without any real problems. Not a bad day overall, dry roads, no snow or rain or heavy traffic to deal with – just a deer that decided to go under our trailer tires!

We do have our next trip lined up but there are a few issues we have to address before rolling into New York. As soon as we get those details looked into we will draw out the map and post the trip. As of right now, there is a 50/50 shot we won’t keep the same trip. Let’s see what the morning brings CV us!

6 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Nights

  1. That really is unfortunate about the deer but glad no one got hurt and the trailer escaped damage. I was not so lucky back in November. Hit a deer on my way to work, here in northeast PA at 545am but incurred $8k in damages, missed the days work and wound up in the ER with a leg contusion from of all things- the knee air bags! Missed a great Trans Siberian Orchestra that evening as well. Not a good day 🙁

  2. ALERT – you can delete this after reading

    You might not want to load up with anything for New York state. Florida would be a better option. Brazil even better.
    Heavy weather for this weekend in the American north east / Canadian Maritimes. Storms galore. West is cold but clean weather.

    1. Sorry, but Steve doesn’t get to decide where to go. The company tells him where to go, unless it is time for time off and the planners try to force another trip on Steve when he is near Belvidere. That happened to him last year.

  3. Sorry to hear about the deer, but so glad that you are ok. There is a big storm coming our way, dont know what |New York will get, but we are expecting rain, freezing rain and snow over the weekend, but no matter which way you go I hope you dont run into it and happy to hear that everything went good will your last load, sure hope everything goes well the rest of this year,safe travels and blessings from New Brunswick, Canada

  4. Steve, It’s Friday night…The storm prediction center is forecasting heavy wind, sleet, snow and ice in the upper midwest with heavy wind extending into the northeast. Drive safe.

  5. Did you figure out where the bell noise was coming from? Really nice area of New York you’re in. I was beginning to dose off when you said, let’s stop at this service area for a five minute stretch. As for the weather, they said down here in Houston we were supposed to get large hail, tornadoes and wind.. Thankfully none of that happened, just heavy rain and wind. I don’t know what the snow side of this will be like, but I think if it turned out to be nothing more then wind and rain here, you might get a couple inches of snow, no biggie because you’re getting a gift for where you are considering how much the Lake Effect mixes with the Alberta Clippers.

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