18 thoughts on “Partial day

  1. Thank you Steve! And absolutely beautiful hymn. Have a blessed Sunday and I’ll see you and the Road Crew tomorrow — although not at 2 a.m.!

  2. I appreciated the video. It is a great song with a powerful positive message for us. These men are very gifted and talented. Thank-you for posting it.

    1. TK—i just state my agreement with your posted comments!!! Thanks
      BRT just the Great and Steve is BEST!!! Okay that being said==Mash- IT Blesssins to all

  3. Just ran across this news headline: Truckers Won’t Deliver to Cities with Defunded Police Departments. ’Law and Order is Necessary’ Be careful out there brother.

  4. Thank you for the night run 15th. I saw the bad start. Getting a Canadian battery set up wouldn’t be economically (spare working battery) possible considering the cost and maintenance.

    I agree with you that night runs are frot with challenges. I had some challenges on my line haul on overnight runs. But when the job is over, I always remember the events, every second especially when it is very early in the morning, catching worms, and all that. I remember gas stops and getting some GLAF (gas line antifreeze). I really enjoyed the run into Chicago and thank you for closing the broadcast and going to security screen closer to the receiver than you normally do.

  5. Quite the semi while you were at the shipper today! The one blocking the way as it maneuvered into its door. Got lots of screen shots thank you! The white Peterbilt with large studio sleeper and matching trailer. Seemed to have some trouble backing in but the long wheelbase didn’t help I’m sure. It was a beauty.

  6. Aunt Jemima — the brand, not the frog — is being eliminated, for the reasons you might expect. I hope YouTube doesn’t try to silence your singing about her now!

    1. My grandparents always said “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”
      Those who cannot manage their own lives are always ready to tell us how we ought to be doing things. Even successful corporations, built & run by those who are acquainted with hard work, do not get overlooked by the wrath of those “fixing” us.

  7. hi Steve not sure of you no this or not but snow man cam is showing your head lights are still on

  8. So hiding on customer property are you Steve!!Am reminded when us 8 Martin kids played hide-and-go seek!! Since we grew up on 160 farm we had plenty of space tp piste hide and go seek games!!With you hiding out reminds me of our kid challenge–Peel About Im Waiting for you!! Said all that to say the—waiting for MASH_IT time!!!

    1. Sorry for some mis-spelling!! Hope those familiar playing hide and seek willl figure it out!!!

  9. Hi Steve

    I noticed it’s been a week now and no new blog? Normally you like to post one or two of them a week too keep else all updated and in a loop on what’s been going on

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