Overnight change

Morning! Got a call from the big boss this morning at 130am local time and asked if we were willing to help another driver get to his home in California. He has a family emergency so we will give him our trailer and he will take it to California so he can take care of his business. We will swap trailers here in Saint George, Utah and take his load and make the delivery in Phoenix, Arizona. The trip information has been updated to reflect this change. As soon as he arrives we will do the swap and head out. Currently he is still a few hours out

9 thoughts on “Overnight change

  1. Good on you Steve, your jobs are hard enough when alone on the road. That and serious family problems too. Its very good to see a group of employees back each other.

  2. It’s always good when people help each other out, especially in times of crisis/emergency. Besides, it should be some nice and different scenery heading down to Phoenix. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  3. Boy I’m really missing big rig travels. How quickly things change like this trip. Your site has been blocked at work (again) and I think it’s any web site that has any kind of streaming media 🙁 Just checking in and SURPRISE you’re in Phoenix! I suppose they’re trying to tell me I’m not at work to watch my big rig travels, but hey I can multitask 🙂 Actually I think they’re just trying to limit the bandwidth everyone’s using

  4. Hi Steve

    Are we still going too TX and are we all loaded up ? Since your loading Appointment was at 6pm tonight have not seen any status updates on the website

  5. Hi Steve
    I don’t know if you saw me earlier at the truck stop Friday night, but I did come to the Petro Truck Stop in a Nissan Altima and walked around the truck parking lot all dressed in blue, blue shirt, blue shorts, blue Texas Rangers cap, 😉 at around 7:45pm MDT. It’s awesome that you came to El Paso. Maybe one day I might get to see you in person, oh well, for now I can always watch the channel on YouTube. I enjoy watching your videos.

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