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Out of time!

Hey gang! As we discussed several times today and yesterday, we are in need of a 34 hour restart. We made our delivery this morning and made it to the truckstop with just 30 minutes left on the 70hr clock. We covered 320 miles today, and a total of 2,590 miles in the last 8 days. Tomorrow we would only gain 4.5 hours, so we couldn’t do much anyway. We are looking for the next trip on Wednesday with a full set of hours to run around with! See ya then!

25 thoughts on “Out of time!

  1. hi steve i have a ? for you did they change the rules on how many hrs you get back after you used up your 70hrs clock ?

    be for you used to get like 10 12 14 10 12 hrs back now it seems like we only get 2 8 4 8 2hrs back and if we dont enough hrs back we would then need to do a 34hr restart this is like the 2nd or 3rd 34hr restart since coming back from time off i rember before that 34hr restart used to be qute rare has we gian 10 or 12hrs back the following days but now its like your not getting enough hrs to do any thing with did some in change on how many hrs you get back after you used the 70hr clock up ?

    1. all so steve you think we can have a watch party why we set and wait ?

    2. The rules are the same as always. What hurt Steve on this last trip was the fact that he had to use some hours while waiting for tire repairs. That is 3 hours he could have used which would have resulted in him staying in Kentucky last night.

      1. he stay at east st louis last night we ran out of hrs to go any more

      2. exactly correct.

        1. Enjoy your time in Nashville!
          See you tomorrow😎

    3. The rules are the same. We get 70 hours to use in 8 days. Any hours we get back on any certain day is only the actual driving hours we used 8 days prior. So, if we get back 4 hours, then that is the 4 hours we worked 8 days ago. It isn’t anything to do with what we got back other times. We only gain back whatever hours we worked 8 days ago.

      1. thanks steve i was thinking that some in change with the rules on the hrs

  2. Thanks Steve. Enjoy til then.

  3. Steve, do you know how many hours you would have gained back on Wednesday?

    1. since steve is doing a 34hr restart he will have a new 70hr clock to work with

    2. Wednesday we would have gained back 11 hours. But, since we have to sit the rest of the day Monday with no hours, and only 4 back on Tuesday, by the time Wednesday rolled around, we would have completed the 34hr restart and get back the full 70.

  4. Thanks for the info steve!

    1. That wasn’t Steve that answered your questions that was David Thomas!

  5. Hey Steve, what do you do while you wait for the restart? Can you take an uber down to the Grand Ole Opry or do something fun? Just curious… don’t know much about trucking, lol.

  6. Howdy Steve

    how you doing get as much rest as you can before the next trip rolls out be good to see a trip to VA again

  7. Enjoy your day off! Thanks for the ride through the United States!

  8. Whatever the hours are, Happy Birthday and enjoy your “day off..” We’ll see you Wednesday sometime! Cheers!

  9. Happy birthday Steve

  10. Happy Birthday Steve can we please do a watch party ?

  11. Happy birthday Steve! Wishing you all the best from across the pond.

  12. Happy Happy Birthday Steve

  13. Longtime viewer Steve. I’m happy you made it through St. Louis before the massive flooding they are now experiencing. Safe travels sir.

  14. Happy Birthday, Steve

  15. Happy Birthday, Steve!! 41 minutes late! Hope you had a good day and great year ahead! 🎉🎂

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