One hour

Afternoon gang! We have our loaded trailer that we just swapped and have scaled our load. Since we woke up early this morning and had to drive 135 miles to our delivery then drive to the shipper, we are left with basically 1hr and 20 minutes. That really isn’t enough time to get down the street far enough to make a difference. We have an open delivery window tomorrow so we will run the whole 530 miles tomorrow. We gain back 11.5 hours tomorrow so we will have no problem making it on time. See ya on the dash for the Freaky Friday Georgia Run!

19 thoughts on “One hour

  1. Wish you could do something about the quality of the stream. I know this has really been driving you nuts. You can imagine how we feel seeing places you’ve never had trouble with video quality before suddenly become totally blurred out blind. I don’t think this is on my end, I think this is on yours and I’m betting it’s driving you crazy. Seems like it does the blur out every thirty miles and then when you get near a dead zone it either stays blurry or it recovers fast. It also seems like the ambient sound inside and out of the cab is a bit muffed where we can barely hear you like you’re being drown out by the stream sound.

    I know this is frustrating and I wish I had a solution to fix it especially when you’re in a big city that you’ve in the past streams never had trouble with quality.

    1. Hey now this complaint reminds me of incident in old home town of disabled car parked by street side with hood raised up..Drunk comes up and says–i will fix. takes hammer and smashed up battery=Relly fixed did he ?? Steve keep hammer away from camera please!!

      1. It’s not a complaint as much as it is an observation. I first started to see it on the Lorraine, Texas to Dallas trip that Steve did back in the late summer. I thought maybe it was just that particular stream until I started to notice it on multiple streams. I hate seeing Steve have to go through it because I know he likes to deliver us the best quality stream he can and to see YouTube give him what boils down to an early MSDOS app is really stupid on their part given we are in 2020 where you can stream as high as 1440pds, which is similar to you actually being able to see it in your own vision versus what the camera sees.

        2020 has been a frustrating year and seeing YouTube trying to ruin his experience and ours makes me want to take a giant spiked mallet to their brains!

    2. The camera is the same. YouTube changed the way we broadcast. They got rid of the app we always used and their new one is absolutely horrible.

      1. You have to do what the goolag says even if you protest against it. They did the same stunt with some of the railcams where they can’t broadcast multiple camera stream angle views and that came into effect not too long ago. I would say you should try to go over to BitChute to see what they offer in terms of a better streaming app. I’ve had an account there for a couple of years now because of the mass purging YouTube is doing to many users who do not think like they do.

        It’s an option to consider looking into because I know you’d like to bring us the best quality stream you can without your platform publisher telling you this is what we want over what you want.

  2. I’m looking forward to you coming closer to my neck of the woods today. You will just miss us by getting on 75 south instead of north when you are in Chattanooga. We frequent Kennesaw often. Great place!

  3. Hey Steve
    Great to see your on the road, I am super busy at work. Hope to catch up real soon,
    great scenery
    Stay safe and well

  4. Steve, I notice you always drive through the gas pumps at a truck stop even when you don’t need fuel. Is that a requirement to let them keep track of parking or is it just the ways it’s done?
    Regards, and safe travels.
    Jack The Cat

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