Good Sunday morning.  it’s an early start to our day as we head over to the delivery in Cheyenne, Wyoming… Cold this morning but no ice along our path!

5 thoughts on “Omaha 

  1. Have a safe drive to Cheyenne, Steve. I’ve looked over my last three birthdays (February 27th) and have noticed that on each of them you’ve been out west somewhere in Idaho, Wyoming, or Nebraska. I guess they must know I like mountains or something 🙂

    1. Cool, me too. Mine is 5/11 and he was in OR/WA and ID/MT on my b-day :mrgreen: Oh and thank you Steve for making all the offline parts, they are so pretty and nice

  2. Glad there is no ice. But who knows what conditions will be on Interstate 70 west of Denver on your next trip. I see your next drop is in a place that is just a hop and a skip not even a jump from where I live. But I don’t know but what I may be on the road on a trip myself by the time you get there.

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