Okay? Okay!

Evening to all of the Worldwide Road Crew! As you can see , the snowman image has been corrected and displays properly and the general website errors should disappear as well.  I talked with the server folks and found out some critical information never got changed from the last server we were on. When they closed and deactivated the prior server we were on, it broke the snowman scripting and would not even let us upload new images.  Now that the changes were updated , the script shows the old snowman image.  Once all the new server information propagation is complete , you should start seeing new regular updated images like normal.  This propagation can take anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours, but at least we are headed in the right direction.  Man, hope we don’t have to change servers for another ten years!  The first move turned my hair white then this second move made it fall out.

Get your 2019 BigRigTravels calendars before we are sold out! This afternoon we only had 10 left of “Across America ” and 20 left of the truckstop one!

12 thoughts on “Okay? Okay!

  1. I received my “Across America” calendar. I really like it, excellent quality photos. Thanks for all that you do.

  2. hey Steve
    hot my double pack of calendars today in new Zealand, fantastic shots in them, my husband loves them. will do donation for postage next week, cheers mate

  3. Hey Steve…Sadly here in my part of MI Snowman still isn’t working. All I see is wooden doors with a chain & padlock through the handles of the doors.. We could always blame it on the winter weather right? lol Safe travels & LOVING my sweatshirt!!

  4. Hu Hu, snowman is healthy again! not only that, but the entire website works as it should. not only that, but the entire website works as it should. and let’s face it, it’s the best site in this field. Apart from what all this costs, most of us have no idea how much extra work it all means. it’s the same as trucking. many people who come across steve for the first time have no idea about it but with the time and the great website they get at least a little bit of feeling and respect for it. Therefore, again very big thanks to Steve and Marco for the many hours on the PC.Let’s hope that this condition will stay that way for some time and that the two of them can do some things in their free time that they enjoy.

  5. Hi Steve, just wanted to give you a update on the site, well here, I have tried it right now, 11-15-18 on both Chrome and one explorer and right now on Edge, the snowman cam is working ok, but Not getting anything in the way of a Video screen on the left hand side of the page, and this is also happening on chrome as well, meaning when I scroll down from the top of the page, I do get the compass, the speedometer, and the Highway marker, but under that, it a completely Blank screen, until I get sown to the Current trip information map, so that’s what is happening on my end here….

  6. Well you lucked out in a big way. Good thing the load originating in Carbondale wasn’t today as it would be a challenge. Cars n trucks snarled all over the place with 8-12″ snow here today and tonight 🙁
    OK to ask what you hauled to Illinois from PA yesterday?!

  7. Hmmmm interesting! I did not know m&m’s came in jars! Maybe they were for a place that would add them in something like ice cream as an ingredient so the need for a bigger jar? Interesting:) Thank you sir

    1. The YouTube app does show most of the time however, for some reason it disappears in the afternoon. No solution has been found yet.

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