Ok guys and gals

Just a reminder ….

I only put out one copy of the BigRigTravels website.  I have been in contact with my servers highest security teams, spent $400+ for more firewalls and security scanning. You can copy and paste the latest scan results here into your url address bar:


Since I put out only one copy of the website , if there were a security issue,  EVERYONE would see it and have problems.  Since a problem is only affecting about 1% of my viewers, what can I do? Everyone gets served the same website. With a million different configurations of devices, browsers, and virus detection software, etc….there can be a conflict anywhere along the way….after my website data leaves my servers. In the report link above,  you can see for yourself we are clean on all 70 companies that monitor,  search for,  and scan websites for security breaches.  If there were a problem with BigRigTravels.com,  it isn’t being detected by a whole big group of high tech companies and security teams! If they cannot find anything, how in the world can I ever hope to find or solve it? I’m just a trucker trying my best to open up my cameras and show America’s Highways.  Do I doubt you guys? No. But, at the sametime,  I have officially done the best of my abilities to run a safe, clean, and secure website. Obviously, if I come across something to fix, I will. I hope that whatever is going on, it gets solved for you folks. As mentioned,  I have literally exhausted everything I have trying to chase down a potential problem that not only is evading me and Marco, but also the top tier hosting security team as well as every company listed as giving BigRigTravels.com the green and clean checkmark in that report.

And now, this week’s Sunday Video

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