Ohio forever?

Morning!  We are currently unloading in Northwood , Ohio.  It seems we have been stuck around here lately and yesterday definitely seemed like the Ground Hog movie! I picked up our loaded trailer then noticed we were missing a mudflap,  so I dragged  the trailer to the shop. Quick in and out. Then noticed the right front running light was out. Got a new bulb. That didn’t fix it and ended up putting on a new pigtail socket. By the time I got everything situated,  it was better timeliness to shutdown and restart early in the morning and head to our delivery.  We arrived right on time.  Next trip is posted now, and while it does take us back to Columbus for the shipper,  we will just turn right around and head out towards New York!  We have another trip after this one as well.

12 thoughts on “Ohio forever?

  1. New York it is! Been a while since you’ve been out to these parts as well 🙂
    Should be some decent weather for today at least 😎

      1. Ha:) This time it’s the NY permits instead of being concerned more so lately with the California inspections!
        Did you still have to get the California inspections done or wait til you need em for when you’d be heading to the
        Golden State?

      2. Not too far from where I live. its going to be in the low to Mid 70’s by time you get here, New Berlin is not far away from me (right over the hill a few ways)!

        That is Amish Country where you’re headed.

  2. You’re visiting all my favorite places , Thanks so much @BigRigSteve you’re off the chart awesome. Have a Great day. 🚛🚚🚛🚚🚛🚚🚛

  3. Steve the Ohio travels recently are a real treat for me as im from Ohio originally. IM especially grateful for your comments yesterday going thru Ada Ohio. I agree with you liking flags on display and flowers along the street and just expressing good thoughts about God and Country and the liking of where you were at .Stay Safe

  4. Hi Steve and everyone — Just taking a quick peek. I thought I saw the trip map was going to Utah a couple days ago. Must have been dreaming since you are going the opposite direction.

    1. Steve always subject to have plans altered and make revisions on travels ME i have to have my set daily routine or get frustrated.Steve just goes from day ti day

  5. I lived in the Binghamton NY area for several years back in the late 1960’s when there was a lot of active industry in the Tri-Valley. The year we left for the West Coast SF Bay Area, Binghamton tied with Seattle for the fewest number of clear days, 79. It could have been an active shale oil production area as is Pensylvania just across the border; but, alas NY banned the process turning the area into a semi-permanent slump that they will never recover from. Yeah for environmental activists.

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