Welcome to Ohio! We stopped here because we only had 9 minutes left on our 70 hour week! We sure have been hauling around lately!

Earlier today we noticed a vehicle on the bridge up ahead of us…and we were expecting a State trooper to be pointing his radar gun at us checking our speed. Nope! That person was taking photos of us and then they waved! A few miles down the road we had to pull in for fuel and our 30 minute break. Guess who walks up to us in the fuel island? That guy who took photos of us up on the bridge! It was none other than longtime Road Crew Lee Clark from Minnesota! Since we had to stop for our break, I made him buy our coffee while we sat in the restaurant and chatted. It was good to meet you finally Lee and many thanks for the free coffee and talk!

We will leave early once again in the morning to make our delivery ontime. Hopefully we will get a nice even paced trip out of Ohio…..:)  Today we covered another 609 miles. See everyone in the morning for another BigRigTravels adventure!