oh man!

Well howdy! Yes, I know it is late. 14 hours after we started we had to shutdown in Jarrell, Texas.

So, in case you saw the EMS in front of the truck….and want to know the story….

I had to unload EVERY tree at 4 different stops today. I drank 4 liters of water but the Texas humidity combined with me unstacking and dragging each one to the end of the trailer got to me.  At the last stop I “passed out” halfway done and I had to quit helping unload. It just got too much for me to handle, though I tried my best. YES, I drank water all day. Nope, not too much coffee since i knew better than to have just one today. It is an incredible amount of work for one driver to do all that by hand! No forklift, no pallet jack, nothing but dragging! I told my boss about it just to cover my butt. He had me stay put and they called EMS on me just to get checked out by medical folks. They looked me over and agreed with me that I just got overheated. We then drive up here to this truckstop with only ONE spot available on the side road. The only reason I got this one is because the tanker that was parked here was pulling out literally seconds before I was turning to go back driving. The thing about it is we only had 7 minutes left on our 14 hour clock.

Not sure if any of this makes sense or not, but I need to eat, drink my two Gatorades, and sleep. I am extremely sore all over! I will see ya’ll in the morning.