Oh boy sardine lips!

Wow, what a title.  Kinda describes the way my brains are fried at the moment. Rough day yesterday and today! Right now we are officially done with everything and are going to rent a car from across the street and go exploring the area. 

Yesterday,  the final delivery had product they refused and the final outcome of it was to deliver it to another prearranged customer that would buy the refused product.  We attempted the delivery yesterday but found out they stopped receiving after lunchtime.  We gave it another go this morning.  The delivery was kinda close to downtown Seattle and was very tricky to get to it seemed. The only way to get into the docks was blindside backing. I had to block four lanes of traffic and I gave it several attempts.  No good. Folks wouldn’t give me room, and nobody would help get me backed in. I gave up and went down an alleyway that was super tight to go around the block then hit the docks at a better angle. Wow, tough trucking indeed. We made everything okay.  We have gone back to the truckstop to park. It costs $25.00 a day, and since we spent lastnight here and will take a 34 hour restart,  that means it cost me $75.00 just to park…..wow, I’m gonna go broke! 

So what am I going to do now? I’m going to get car rental and bum around some and relax.  Unwind my mind and get away from trucking lol. I tried several times to broadcast the streams but nothing was working properly.  I think YouTube is having an issue. Hopefully they fix things in time for us to hit the road again.  

You folks have to realize that sometimes information changes so fast for me, sometimes changes by the minute and it may not always be possible to have time to update blog, trip information,  etc. I do what I can always but there are times when the task at hand – trucking – must come first and I do what needs to be done without playing with a website. 

See ya’ll on Sunday!!!