Oh boy, fun fun

Good Morning from Indiana! We had a rough night last night with our 1030pm delivery! They took until about 2am or so and then it sure was fun finding parking that late at night. Because we were so delayed with delivery then the next trip loading so early, well that didn’t work out so well. We would have arrived to the shipper about 7 hours late! We have lost the trip we put up because of that but we will get a new one pronto! Hang in there, it’s always like this after time off. Yup, we are still doing paper logs just like the old days because all the Qualcomm devices nationwide are having serious issues….

15 thoughts on “Oh boy, fun fun

  1. And the best part, we get to go on the Chicago Skyway, through Gary, IN & through Downtown Chicago! Right, Steve?

      1. Darn it! I was hoping we get to go through Chicago. I mean we haven’t gone on the Chicago Skyway and through Downtown Chicago in nearly 9 months – over 2 years now. I wonder what the Chicago Loop & the Chicago Skyway look like now. Guess we’ll never know.

          1. Last time I have down for being on the Chicago Skyway was Feb. 19 of this year-so 9 months is about right.

  2. _Nothing you can do about the shipper loading you when they do. I think you said a few places take longer than others, but then who cares if you get paid by the mile and not sitting around waiting for them to load you.

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